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At CTECH, we provide comprehensive web development services for clients across a wide spectrum of markets and industries. We offer an array of services that range from the design of e-commerce sites to professional social media page designs, web store designs, and much more. You can always

contact us directly with questions at 1-876-632-2207/486-6198.


Website Development Services

CTECH will take care of all your needs though our combined all-in-one website design and web development service and ensure we represent you our clients. As your web development business, we want to transform your online image to be one that is as enticing as possible. Every avenue where our clients are represented, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results. Custom web design, e-commerce development, mobile site compatibility, application development, social media page design, video marketing, blogging and information architecture are all important to create a brand image and brand loyalty. CTECH’s smart, dedicated website development services are carried out by a diverse team of experts that truly make our clients shine.

We can develop the following custom-made websites to suit your business needs:Responsive Web Design






Next Generation Websites

Let us develop a website that is right for you and which will transform your business. CTECH will use a range of modern website designs and development strategies to help ensure that visitors take action, increasing your conversion rates.

Information-Rich Websites

Even if you do not require a website with e-commerce capabilities that will allow you to sell products or services online, we can ensure that the website you do implement will be appealing, secure and full or rich content and information relevant to market your business. Let us help you enhance business by providing that extra flair and class to represent your products and services by increasing productivity because of how your website will appear to the world and in essence, how you engage your potential, new and existing customers.

Responsive Websites

Optimizing your site for mobile is critical when your target audience increasingly finds you on a tablet or smartphone. We'll code your website to adapt automatically, for an amazing experience regardless of device size.

Content Management (CMS) Websites

CTECH can employ and integrate a modern, reliable and secure content management system to fit your needs with an adjustable and intuitive website that fits your needs. Updating and tweaking your website will never be more seamless or simpler, whether you opt to manage the website on your own or utilize our team of professionals who can manage the website for you from the backend, so that you can spend time doing what you do best: working on your business and meeting clients.

Ecommerce Websites.

We'll help ensure that more visitors to your website become buyers of your products and services. Our ecommerce solutions are geared toward turning your website into a sales machine.

Estimated completion time: 2-3weeks*

Cost of add-ons (optional): contact us

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The CTECH All-in-One Development Process

At CTECH we implement a simple and effective model of website design and development services all in one convenient package. However, you could opt to pay for a one-off website design service where we build the website and then you manage it on your own.

The all-in-one web development process employs a 4-step process:

  1. Firstly, a CTECH representative can meet with you in person, online or via e-mail for a free consultation to discuss what your expectations are for your website design or web management needs. Whether you're starting from a brand new site or trying to modernize, change, or manage an already existing website, we are ready to assist.

2. Then, our team of experts will get straight to work and begin to produce different template designs or mock-up versions of your new site for you to choose from.

3. Once we confirm what your overall website design or web management needs are, we'll review those requirements and match them to your exact specifications. Then we will design the final version of the website template and deliver it to you.

4. We will confirm whether you need additional services that require our experts to manage and update the website as well as other web management services on a regular basis.

Web Management Services

Do you want a website, but lack the technical knowledge required to run and maintain a website? Do you require a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional to service the needs of your clients, or attract new customers and retain existing ones? Look no further than CTECH web management services.

We cater to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that do not have a web hosting service or require web management services. Our team of experts will find a suitable, reliable and secure web management solution that is right for your business. We will manage and maintain your website and online presence by:


  • liaising with the web hosting providers, providing updates to content, installing and updating web applications and software, to ensure that your site is up-to-date, modern and secure.
  • creating a social media presence for your brand and business, by connecting your business to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and any social platform for which you request our website management services.
  • posting content, and offering other services that will bring attention from web surfers to your brand.

We will ensure a high quality web management service that you and your customers experience little to no downtime so that you can concentrate on growing your business without worrying about the technical issues of running a website. We’ll even help you register a domain name of your choice!

Web Development Rates

We offer basic to more advanced web management services, depending on your requirements and needs. Prices start from $US 50 per month. Call us directly with questions at 1-876-632-2207/486-6198, Contact Us or Request a free quote.

For additional cost, these website management services can be added to our excellent website design packages if desired. We can legitimately create a social media presence for your brand and business, by connecting to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and any social platform for which you request our website development services. We can also post content, and offer other services that will bring attention from web surfers to your brand.


Estimated completion time: 2-3weeks*
Cost of addons (optional): contact us

*Completion time may increase based on website functionalty and the number of addons requested.

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