Helping Individuals and Businesses reap Success by employing Cutting Edge Business Processes and State-of-the-art Technology

CTECH Solutions is a uniquely multifaceted and diverse business which is continuously expanding.We offer Training services; including staff training and IT training  Consulting Services and Website Design and Graphics services.

All the services CTECH provides including IT Training , educational services, consultancy and web design span not only Jamaica but the wider English-speaking Caribbean.  We are passionate about designing high quality services which add value to all our clients. This is why we set the highest standards when selecting our consultants and support staff. Clients can be sure that their organization, enterprise or private business ventures will benefit from the high-level academic and professional qualifications as well as real world experience of our experts at CTECH.

 On-Demand Consulting and Training Services 

CTECH employs a unique service through what is known as 'on-demand consulting and training' and the best news is Our consultancy and training services will be brought directly to your doors at your place of business without you having to leave your workplace to meet with us or without you having to send staff to us to be trained. Our experts will deliver all professional training solutions, meetings and contacts to your place of business totally at your convenience. This will eliminate costs and time wasted on travelling to our location, since we are always readily avaialble to come to you on demand, so you will never need to visit us. 

Business and IT Consulting 

Our Team of highly-skilled,dedicated consultants help individuals and Businesses gain a competitive advantage by helping to restructure their business operations in order to improve efficiency while keeping costs down. CTECH Solutions can help your business acheive its goals Through a combination of People, Business Process tranformation and cutting edge Technology solutions ,we aim to transform your business by lowering your operating costs, creating more efficient business processes and aligning your Information systems and organizational goals with your overall business goals.

One of the main aspects of the business is its client-centered and  results-focused approach which is woven into what is known as "the Caribtech formula" which guarantees success in all consulting and training activities undertaken. We aim to cater to the specific needs of all our clients to ensure their satisfaction is maximized, whether for the innately astute and keen business professional or for the struggling, dejected or forlorn entreprenuer who find it difficult to control costs and improve business efficiency. We always strive to ascertain that all our clients are comfortable and have access to the most highly skilled professionals, as well as high quality learning materials conducive to maximizing both teaching capabilities and learning opportunities . 

We pride ourselves on our slogan: "helping your business grow and succeed" as we believe that any viable business can reap success and meet their business goals and objectives if proper strategic planning and alignment principles and methodologies are adhered to then the capabilities of your staff will be truly unleashed and their potentials harnessed completely and effectively.

 Onsite Staff Training Services 

At CTECH Solutions we understand that time is money. Our clients are looking for the most cost-effective ways to develop their business and their valuable staff without having to take time to train staff themselves.Why take on this responsibility of training yourselves when you can focus on other managerial or business tasks which are more demanding and require strategic planning?. You can count on Ctech to utilize creative and cost-effective development solutions that emerge from a rigorous diagnosis of each client's unique business priorities.Ctech focuses on training for various levels of staff and can be specifically geared towards business owners, senior-level, mid-level and lower level managers, as well as regular staff members full-time or part-time, including auxiliary staff.

CTECH Solutions provides Careers Development training sessions, workshops and conferences, training on workplace professionalism and ethics, including areas ranging from customer service and organizational competitiveness and conflict resolution to how to be effective managers and increasing organizational competencies, among other areas customized to suit your needs. Some of the main benefits of hiring Staff Development trainers at CTECH include: 

  •  Staff become more competent at their jobs
  •   Staff become more flexible 
  •  Staff motivation and morale increases
  •  Increased productivity
  •  Changes become easier to introduce (organization becomes more adaptable) 
  •   Fewer accidents; reducing learning by trial and error
  •   The organisation's image improves (e.g. improved customer service) which leads to better organizational networking which attracts clients to your business.   Reduced waste of money, time and even resources, whether through misuse, underutilization or misappropriation. 
  • Reduced workplace conflict, creating a more positive and dynamic working environment.

 IT Training  Services

We also offer IT training in Microsoft Office applications and software as well as instruction and training in professional IT certification for beginner through to advanced computer users. Moreover, we offer training in computer repairs and upgrade services such as; PC Troubleshooting and computer repair, PC Hardware and Software Installation, Data Backup, PC Optimization and PC Maintenance.  

Additionally, CTECH offers training in data Protection and Security Services, such as; Virus Removal and Protection, Antivirus Program Installations, Anti-spam & Firewall installation and Data Recovery.


On-Demand Web & Graphics Design & Animation Services 

Need Professional websites, banners,business logos, animated marketing and web graphics and  services?

We also offer  Graphics services, website design, Search Engine Optimisation at Competive prices. In particular, we will help clients to create attractive and functional solutions for all their print, electronic communication and web-based projects. 

We offer an array of creative graphics design, animation and web design services where our highly trained graphic designers have experience with a variety of design applications and can help develop a compelling design that suits the requirements of all our clients both invididual and corporate to suits clients' varying budgets. As an ever-changing and expanding business we hope to build unparalleled collaboration, links, partnerships, as well as solid customer loyalty and satisfaction based on our continued support and encouragement of all our clients as they utilize our many services and products as we chart the way forward in cutting edge technology and development in Jamaica and in the Caribbean region.

 For Web & Graphics Design  we can complete orders and provide these services conveneintly also without you having to leave your office or home or even without us needing to come to your location, as this can be done online and the products can then be delivered to you in two main ways:

 1)The product or completed service package can be sent to you via E-mail, after you have submitted a payment either online (using our online payment processing system) or

 2) We will deliver your completed product or service package after we have collected a Cheque from your physical office location (in the case of businesses, companies) for the contracted services. The on-demand service for Web & Graphics Design is both a great time and money saver for any type of individual need or business, whether large, medium-sized or small. 

Web Management Services

Do you want a website, but lack the technical knowledge required to run and maintain a website? Do you require a website that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional to service the needs of your clients, or attract new customers and retain existing ones? Look no further than CTECH web management services.

We cater to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that do not have a web hosting service or require web management services. Our team of experts will find a suitable, reliable and secure web management solution that is right for your business. We will manage and maintain your website and online presence by:


  • liaising with the web hosting providers,
  • providing updates to content,
  • installing and updating web applications and software, to ensure that your site is up-to-date, modern and secure.
  • creating a social media presence for your brand and business, by connecting your business to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and any social platform for which you request our website management services.
  • posting content, and offering other services that will bring attention from web surfers to your brand.

We will ensure a high quality web management service that you and your customers experience little to no downtime so that you can concentrate on growing your business without worrying about the technical issues of running a website. We’ll even help you register a domain name of your choice!


Community Service and Outreach

At CTECH Solutions we believe that serving the community and Jamaica is of the utmost importance for building social capital and the capabilities of the people in the communities which we serve, especially the young people.

CYEN programme(CTECH Youth Empowerment Network)

The CYEN Programme is aimed at academically inclined, gifted and talented young people, who may be financially or otherwise challenged. CYEN provides assistance to unemployed or disenfranchised youth from communities across Jamaica or students who are in need of assistance. Through CYEN(CTECH Youth Empowerment Network) we provide free training and empowerment programmes to unemployed Jamaican youths in volatile communities.

Our programmes include equipping high school drop-outs and unemployed youths in these communities with literacy skills, IT skills, careers workshops, interpersonal and communication skills, as well as entrepreneurial skills. We offer mentorship opportunities by partnering young people with mentors who are CTECH consultants and mentors from corporate Jamaica. We also offer grants and scholarships to students at the primary, secondary or tertiary levels.