A Truly Multi-faceted and Diverse Business: Delivering High Quality Services at Affordable Rates

Welcome to CTECH Solutions, where we offer a variety of Business, technological and training solutions to suit the business and individual needs of our many customers living in Jamaica, the wider Caribbean and worlwide.









At CTECH we provide a range of comprehensive consultancy services to help your business grow and develop. Our consultancy services cater to a wide range of individuals both locally and internationally including entrepreneurs, SMEs and large corporations.We work hard to ensure that all our solutions are tailored to suit your specific business needs so that all your projects are successfully completed on-time and within budget.

If you are a manager of a company, a sole trader, a large, small or medium-sized business entity, whether in the private, public or voluntary sector, or simply a working professional looking to create a highly motivated and cutting-edge workforce to complement the credibility, qualifications and experience, behind your valuable staff members, look no further than CTECH's Professional Business, IT consulting, Training solutions and mentoring to help you get ahead and revolutionize your business.


AT CTECH we use a combination of business, technology tools and high quality expertise to develop customized solutions to help your business compete effectively in a dynamic, ever-changing environment.

Our experts will provide innovative and revolutionary business guidance and techniques that will lead to development of your staff which will increase worker morale and ultimately productivity and the growth of your business.

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CTECH Solutions can help your business achieve its goals through a combination of business Process Tranformation techniques and cutting edge Technology solutions. We aim to transform your business by lowering your operating costs, creating more efficient business processes and aligning your Information systems and organizational goals with your overall business goals.

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Our training sessions are customized to fit your needs. We will will travel to your organization or place of business to provide staff development training, on a variety of topics, related to good discipline and self-development, workforce ethics, professsionalism and customer service or any topic that you want us to address with your staff.

We provide training in a variety of ways including workshops, small-group sessions and large conference presentations to your staff.

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If you are a manager of a company, a sole trader, a large, small or medium sized company, in the private, public or voluntary sector or simply, an individual looking for a website that truly represents your brand, products and services, look no further than CTECH for your Web Development, SEO, Marketing and Web Management services. 

We create and manage websites which are functional,  elegant, affordable and responsive, meaning; they can be easily viewed on Desktops, Tablets and smartphones.

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Our Clients 

Our client list consists of many small, medium and large public and private sector organisations in Jamaica the wider Caribbean, North America, Europe and Asia. 009 33