Dr. Roger Smith- Partner and co-founder


Dr. Roger Smith is a renowned educator with regional and international experience spanning over 12 years. He has over 15 years experience in business and is a software and applications developer, as well as a 3D Graphics Designer.  Dr. Smith is an international entrepreneur who owns 3 businesses and his business partners span countries such as; the United States, China, Australia, Singapore, India, Russia, Europe and Latin America.

CTECH solutions is a uniquely multifaceted and diverse business that offers a range of business and IT Consulting, Onsite Staff training and web development services to entrepreneurs, SMEs and large corporations internationally and throughout the region. Before Founding CTECH Solutions, Dr. Smith lectured at various prestigious Universities and Colleges worldwide including the University of the West Indies Mona, the University of Manchester in the UK , the University College of the Caribbean (UCC) and recently, the University of Technology (UTECH), Jamaica. Dr. Smith has research experience spanning over a decade and has consulted on research projects for the Department for International Development (DFID) and the World Bank.

Educated in Jamaica and the United Kingdom, Dr. Smith holds a BSc (honours) degree and an MSc (with distinction) in Public Administration from the University of the West Indies,as well as a PhD in Development Policy and Management from the University of Manchester in The UK. As an Independent Scholar, Development Manager and Entrepreneur, Dr Smith's research has centered on Public Sector Management and reform in the Caribbean, Europe and North America. 

Dr. Smith's current research interests include issues in International business, ICT development and strategy, IS Planning and Management in developing societies; Entrepreneurship, public sector management, public administration and reform. His ongoing research projects focus on E-business and E-commerce, as well as maximizing human development through ICT and Entrepreneurship with E-business as a main driving force. 

He has developed many entrepreneurial skills through years of dedicated field research as well as practical working experience and knowledge gained in Jamaica and overseas which have been transferable to fields such as information technology (including E-business, Information Systems Strategy, Software Development and ICT Development), human resources management and development, quality assurance and development management. His previous research has focused on issues in Caribbean politics, such as political systems, governance and the character of their evolution through various political models practiced in different Caribbean territories, as well as political development in the Anglophone Caribbean and the UK.

 Dr. Smith has also extensively researched on Human Development and youth capabilities building and empowerment, as well as the study of poverty in a developing country context. Dr. Smith has also written articles in Newspapers, Peer reviewed and international journals and he has gained various fellowships and awards. Dr. Smith also conducts Careers Development seminars and Research workshops regionally and internationally.




Latoya Smith - Partner and co-founder



Mrs. Latoya Smith has over ten years of local and international experience in the Field of Information Technology ranging from Support, Consultancy, Project Management to IS Strategic planning and  IT Management, Applications Development and 3D Modelling.

Mrs. Smith has over a decade experience in the field of IT which include six years working in Europe as a IT consultant and systems analyst which led to her working in over 20 different countries on a myriad of IT and business projects for multinational companies such as IBM , GMC  and the NHS among others. 

AT CTECH, Mrs Smith is responsible for Management and IT consulting, as well as training in information systems and processes for various institutions and private companies. Of significance to Mrs. Smith's career development was her active involvement in spearheading innovative IT projects in the United Kingdom and at CTECH Solutions which led to significant increases in business efficiency, and productivity.

Apart from IT, Mrs Smith has worked in Accounting and Finance.

She has years of experience in change management,Accounting and Finance,  systems analysis and design, IT Governance, Strategic Information systems, website development and  design and entrepreneurship. She is known for her adaptability, her ability to multitask, as well as her creativity and her passion for entrepreneurship. Her ingenuity in business models development and innovation is evident, through years of critical research, networking and professional working experience. Undoubtedly, it is Mrs. Smith's wealth of applied experienced gained from the merger of different fields (both in Theory and practice) in the social sciences such as accounting, business management, and information technology over many years of work and study, which has made her a formidable educator, Entrepreneur and IT Professional. She previously lectured in Information Systems and Animation at the University of Technology (UTECH).

Mrs. Smith holds a BSc honours degree in Management Studies and Accounting (Double major) from the University of West Indies Mona and a MSc degree in Informatics (Computation) from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. In addition, she also holds various industry certifications from COMPTIA,CISCO,ITIL and Microsoft.