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A productive, efficient and effective workforce is paramount to any successful business. Research has shown that businesses that invest in human resources and staff training, see tremendous returns in productivity, efficiency and their overall profitability.

CTECH understands that most businesses and individuals rely heavily on their staff to complete important daily tasks and activities in an effective and efficient manner. When Staff productivity is low, it can be frustruating and even devastating to the business and their clients. Considering all these aspects, we have come up with an effective multifaceted staff training programme tailor-made to suit your specific and unique business requirements.

The services we offer at CTECH Solutions are tailor-made to fit your specific staff training needs; including training geared at improving productivity, soft skills and worker morale of your workforce. Our Team of trainers are highly skilled and experienced in workforce development. Our training programmes include courses on: Professionalism, customer service training, conflict resolution, Management Training, self-development, communication skills, Teamworking, Technology training; eg Microsoft office, Accounting Systems, Manufacturing Systems, internet, computer skills and Point of sale systems. We also create business and operations manuals, business plans and offer career workshops. 

CTECH also provides in-depth follow-up interviews, staff appraisals and other assessments of your staff members. We have a number of training development plans which include monthly, quarterly or one-off training sessions based solely on your training requirements. Whatever your training needs, CTECH can provide customized training packages just for you.

Benefits of our Onsite staff Training Services:

At CTECH, we are committed to the development of a professional and ethical labour force as we believe that the best and most useful capital that any business or enterprise can have is undoubtedly human capital. We have an outstanding on-demand service, where we bring the training directly to you. This is the real benefit of receiving expert training, which takes away the need for your staff having to leave the comfort and confines of their office enviroment. We come to you, so you can learn, plan and grow right where you are, without ever leaving your own office space. You can consider CTECH as your most trusted professional development training solution due to the proven efficiency and effectiveness of our highly educated, capable and motivated experts who have unparallelled real-life working and training experience. You can rest assured that our staff will provide the needed coaching and guidance that will prepare your staff to face the challenging global environment especially in times of economic recession where the job market is increasingly demanding. Let CTECH be your number 1 choice for onsite and on-demand professional development training.

Advantages of onsite training:

  • Onsite training is designed to meet specific organisational needs in a cost-effective and efficient manner, so that your organisation will save time and money.
  • Our tailor-made solution is best since it is usually difficult to find a course that closely matches your particular staff training needs and requirements, particularly where the organisation's systems are an integral part of the training.
  • Organizing Staff training on-site can be an attractive option as it flexible, saves on travelling time and your key members of staff are onsite to address any challenges that your business might face throughout the training period thereby minimizing staff down time.
  • Our onsite training is one of the most competitive solutions in the Jamaica. Our team of highly skilled, experienced and certified staff travel to your location to provide world class training at a fraction of the price of similar training packages in the region.
  • Provides an officially authorised trainer for the relevant course
  • Supplies all delegates with required training manuals and literature
  • Staff become more competent and flexible at their jobs
  • Changes become easier to introduce (organization becomes more adaptable)Increased productivity, Fewer accidents; reducing learning by trial and error
  • The organisation's image improves (e.g. improved customer service) which leads to better organizational networking which attracts clients to your business.
  • Reduced waste of money, time and even resources, whether through misuse, underutilization or misappropriation.
  • Reduced workplace conflict, creating a more positive and dynamic working environment.
  • We provide a free Training Needs Analysis to establish your current and required level of onsite training, at no extra charge.

Staff Training Services offered:

  • IT Training- from IT support to PC repairs, we offer a full spectrum of quality training services to complement our very competitive costs.We cater for all sectors including public and private organisations, small + medium-sized businesses as well as covering all aspects of IT, including pc repairs, pc upgrades, data recovery & maintenance. If you are looking for a friendly, reliable, experienced and comprehensive IT Training solution, look no further than CTECH! 
  • Click Here for more information about our IT Training packages.
  • Workforce Development - develops the interpersonal skills of staff members in order to increase productivity, strengthen their communication skills as well as enhance their ability to interact with others and promote a better working environment.
  • Customer Service Training - develops skills in dealing with customers, customer relations, handling difficult customers and related customer programs.
  • Train the Trainer - develops skills in designing and presenting training to individuals on-the-job or in small groups. Topics can include: needs analysis, design, evaluation, Presentation Skills and Facilitation Skills.
  • Performance Review Training - all aspects of performance management, particularly how to conduct reviews (for team leaders, managers) and how to participate (employees).
  • Leadership and Management Training - designed for supervisors and managers, topics include: motivation, communication, leadership styles, management tasks, conflict resolution,etc
  • General Training - time Management, communication, negotiation - a range of general business skills training.
  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills-enables delegates to plan, prepare and deliver motivating and persuasive presentations to a wide range of audiences.
  • Human Resources - topics include the recruitment and selection approach, preparing position documentation and conducting interviews and other selection methods.

Organisations and Industries that our training services are offered to:quality-service

  • Government - local, Executive agencies, statutory authorities, etc.
  • Education - universities, institutes, schools, etc.
  • Not for Profit - charities, community, volunteer
  • Manufacturing 
  • Agriculture
  • Retail
  • Import/Export
  • Service Industries
  • Utilities
  • Finance, insurance and banking
  • ICT (Information and Communication Technology), telecommunications, software
  • Other
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